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My name is DJ Sycho. My goal is simple. I would like to make it big one day like some of my favorite DJ's . I'm inspired by Tiesto, DJ Chuckie, Afrojack, David Guetta and many others. I'm from Brooklyn, New York but also grew up in the beautiful island of Aruba. To play my music in front of thousands is the reason I work so hard. Being in control of the party is why I call myself a DJ. I'm a Novice DJ who's willing to learn and take risk. 
Working on my own originals and keeping my style Raw will bring me to the party Capital of Ibiza. Follow me through my journey as I start from a Novice DJ to and International sensation.
DJ Sycho
PR/Promoters & Internacional Management:
Rave Junkies Aruba
Manager: Alex "The Sash" Rits
Label: 5th Quarter Records
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